EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage)

Building the foundations


Children have access to indoor and outdoor provision for most of the day. During this time, the children can choose where and how they want to play. When play has finished, we teach children to put everything back where it lives. We teach children to dress for outdoors, have their snack and drink when they need it and use the toilet an.


We teach children how to manage their feelings and behaviour. It’s important for children to learn to identify and express a wide range of feelings, while also understanding that others have feelings, too.

Children are alsoencouraged to transport, climb, run, assess and manage their own risks. We believe that risky play has an important role to play in building children’s confidence, self-esteem and resilience.


The children work hard to achieve what they set out to do and are rewarded by the final product. We reward children by giving them lots of encouragement, recognition for their efforts and sharing their achievements with them regularly.

Enabling environments

We scaffold and support all children’s individual needs by providing resources and/ or extra time to achieve their unique goals. Adults are constantly looking out for opportunities to challenge and extended children’s learning. We do this through questioning and making suggestions.

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